Monday, October 26, 2015

Particles summative

An explanation of how clothes dry at room temperature.
The most important reason why clothes dry at a room temperature is because of the evaporation. The water molecules evaporate slowly into the air. At higher temperatures molecules evaporate faster. Energy needs to be provided to change the water form liquid to vapor.

An explanation of how liquids boil at a lower temperature when they are at a higher altitude.
As you increase the altitude, the dense of the air becomes thinner, this makes less pressure and a heavier climate. In the other hand he higher the altitude the less dense. The air pressure decreases and the denser the space is there are less particles.

An explanation of how we can smell things around corners without seeing them.
We can smell things around corners because particles are always moving and traveling around. For example if you are passing by a restaurant or any shop with food you can smell it form far away because the particles of the food will start to fly around until it reaches your nose.
I chose this picture because at higher altitude the air becomes thinner, this is what happens to your hair when the air is so dense and heavy. This happens because the humidity makes your hair like this.
I chose this picture because the girl is covering her noise so the particles of the dust don´t go in inside of her noise. 

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